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Feroze Khan is having a really busy year. You may be seeing and loving him in Khaani these days but he’s done/doing four major projects, including Dino Ki Dulhaniya, Romeo Weds Heer and the untitled drama serial directed by Mehreen Jabbar that he’s shooting for these days. While he’s done Khaani, Dino and Romeo with Sana Javed, he’ll be appearing in this new Mehreen Jabbar drama with Yumna Zaidi.

Where he’s not been appearing these days is on Instagram and that has been a matter of concern for his fans. The previously active-on-social-media star has been off Instagram for some time now and while he does log on very, very sporadically he’s more or less switched off. Fans have been speculating that it’s because of his new relationship status – yes, he did say he would be getting married this year – but that’s not the cause of his disappearance.

“Khaani has really changed the game for me; it’s like I’m riding wave after wave of love and appreciation,” he shared with Something Haute. “It’s overwhelming and with each episode there is so much expectation that leaves more responsibility on me to do better.”

I am trying to play a completely character in this new drama I’m working on,” he continued. “And I feel I need to distance myself from the overwhelming embrace of fans in order to immerse myself in the new character completely. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

So, you may not see him on Instagram as often as you’d like, but he will be back and meanwhile you can perhaps catch a glimpse of him whizzing around Karachi in his shiny red car or his green Vulcan S bike that he rides to and from work!