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Let’s jog your memory a bit.

Back in February, we went to Dubai for the Pakistan Super League opening ceremony and on February 24, we caught up with Mahira Khan at the Peshawar Zalmi match at Dubai Stadium. In a brief, tongue in cheek moment, she sent a message to Fawad Khan, who’s Brand Ambassador of Islamabad United.

This is what she said…



Fawad nahin hota tum se chase,” Mahira sent a message out to Fawad, all in good humour.

Yesterday, we saw both Fawad and Mahira Khan at the PSL final in Karachi and while the fans wanted to see them together, they were sitting apart as they were both supporting their respective teams. There was serious United versus Zalmi rivalry in the stadium (we were there, we witnessed it first hand)! United fans had a great moment when they won and as you’ll see, they didn’t miss an opportunity to rub it in.

Fawad Khan, at least – giving this exclusive soundbyte to Something Haute – had a fun response to Mahira’s previous comment.


Karne waley bolte kam hain,” Fawad laughed. He’s a man of few words but he’s got the punchline!