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Fawad Khan has become the ‘ever evasive Fawad Khan’ since he signed up for Maula Jutt and decided to stay out of the limelight. Fawad’s physical transformation for the film had to be kept somewhat under wraps, for which he had to be kept out of the public eye for a long time.

We saw him in a couple of advertisements and then as a judge on Pepsi Battle of the Bands, which was delightful for his fans. Fawad’s commitment to the Pakistan Super League, Islamabad United especially, brought him to Dubai for the opening ceremony as well as several matches in which his team was playing and it was a field day for the media.

Also in Dubai for the PSL opening ceremony, I managed to have a proper conversation with the superstar and finally get some answers to questions that have been on everyone’s mind for the past few months.

There is an insatiable appetite for ‘Fawad Khan news’ and if he doesn’t say anything then people start speculating and making up news of their own. Why had he become so quiet all of a sudden? He responded logically, saying he preferred not to say anything unless there was something to say.

“There are great secrets buried inside me,” he added with dramatic flair, which by the way is classic Fawad when he wants to be funny. “If I started talking then the earth would start spinning in the opposite direction!” Moving on to a serious note, he asked what I wanted to know.


Fawad Khan has a great sense of humour when his guard is down. Pic: Babar Hashmi


For starters, had he signed up for a Netflix series as the papers had been indicating?

“No I have not, not as yet,” Fawad confirmed, also hinting that the possibility of it happening. “I think the market for the online streaming community and online services is opening up. We do intend to get into web series but I haven’t gotten into one yet. I have not signed anything yet. When it happens officially I’ll definitely let you know.”



And what about rumours that you’re going to Hollywood…

“No, that’s not true,” he replied after a pause, making me wonder whether this is one of the secrets he had kept buried inside. But like he said, Fawad is never going to talk about things before they are confirmed. But there were definitely big things in the pipeline.

Want to know more? Keep watching this space for exclusive Fawad Khan updates…