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Fawad and Mahira Khan are like cheese and grapes; that may seem like a cheeky analogy until you think and realize that the two will always be paired together and together they will be a sensational flavor. We will get a taste of that in Maula Jutt next year but until then, we got them as close as it can get at fashion week. Fawad turned up to support his wife Sadaf in her fashion week debut and Mahira, of course, came to accept her newest position as L’Oreal’s first Pakistani spokesperson for haircare.

We saw the video of Mahira praising Sadaf’s debut and she had great things to say but did anyone get a whiff of how Fawad felt about Mahira’s prestigious new appointment at L’Oreal? In his room post-show, I asked, and here’s what he had to say…

“Well I think Mahira’s superstardom speaks for itself and it’s reaching everywhere in the world, beyond Pakistan,” Fawad said. “I think it’s a very proud moment for Pakistan. Mahira deserves all this and more.”

The Verna trailer had just released (when we spoke) and Fawad hadn’t seen it yet but he was confident that the film would be a success.