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Time and again we’ve seen horrific fashion statements being made by celebrities on the red carpet and we keep wondering why, despite there being a rising of stylists in the industry, this is happening. We even spoke to Pakistan’s top stylists to get to the bottom of this phenomena, but it turns out there is no stopping our celebs from bad fashion choices.

Hoping to making it easier for celebs who are unable to make the right fashion choices for themselves, we put together a list of a trusted few men and women who may not all be professional stylists just as yet but we sure would love it if they started sharing a leaf out of their own style book with others.

Dear stars, turn to these people if you’ve been getting it wrong a little too often…


Amal Qadri



Notice how the accessories are doing all the talking?

Official stylist for Anoushey Ashraf on her morning show, we don’t understand why more celebrities don’t turn to Amal for image consultancy! Her personal style is always quirky and edgy, as is her personality. You’ll never see Amal without a statement neckpiece or chunky earrings to add the edge to her happening outfit.

Celebrities, hear us out: Amal is who you need to teach you how to make a style statement that doesn’t include a ball gown.


Ehtesham Ansari



Floral printed pants aren’t for everyone!


The stylist has been adding some sleek style to Coke Studio since four years now and we wish to see more of his looks on the red carpet. He usually keeps his looks simple but ultra chic, so if that’s your kind of thing, Ehtesham Ansari is the person for you! A recent encounter with the stylist at a fashion show, where we had the pleasure of sitting next to him, showed us the range of his fashion-know-how as one look at each model on the runway made Ehtesham tick-off what could have been styled better.


Zara Peerzada



See what we mean?

While all our models are beautiful and talented, not many have a distinct personal style. Zara Peerzada, on the other hand, has impressed us time and time again with her looks, and for her eloquent style of speaking. Perhaps Zara can provide some fashion advice, and personal grooming tips to her peers?


Tabesh Khoja



#TangerineGoals, anyone?


Brand Representative & Image Consultant at NABILA salon, Tabesh’s personal style is sleek. Usually dressed in all-black, with strategically tousled hair and his signature aviator glasses, Tabesh is one of the few people who can wear monochrome with a touch of originality. We seldom see him wear colours, but when he does it is a statement on its own.


Nausheen Shah



Rock on superstar!


Known for her work as a TV actress, we personally believe that an alternate career as a Style Consultant would be Nausheen’s true calling! The actress adds a dose of glamour to red carpets, be it with a metallic suit or a little black dress, and tends to make it to our Best Dressed List all too often!