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When we recently asked former VJ, well known face of drama industry and a lead actress of ‘Yeh Sodai’ (2018) Hina Altaf, about the candid and revelatory testimony she rendered as part of Colgate’s brand campaign ‘Andar Se Strong’ the forthright and resilient actress alluded to the fact that “there was much more to her story.”

Here’s what Hina Altaf had to say in the first 60 seconds of her Colgate testimonial: “since I was a child I was obsessed with becoming a host.  There’s liking something as a hobby but for me, it was an obsession!” She furthered that people always said that she couldn’t ever be an actress, however, she’s a great VJ and should stick to doing just that.


Hina Altaf


“I was told that I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to become an actress and should just stick to being a VJ. But I didn’t give up or accept defeat. When I was forced to live apart from my family, that was the most difficult time for me. There was no one around to support or look after me and I had to fend for myself.”

Living alone is not an easy task, and Hina spoke at length about her struggle.

“I had to not only look after my home but, also cook for myself and if I fell sick, there was no one to take care of me.” Talking about her career as an actress she shared, “one is never certain about their career or life. Your TV drama may succeed or might be a flop. Some viewers may not like you in a certain character so, nothing is easy in life. I’ve worked really hard and struggled in both my private and professional lives.”


Hina Altaf


She concluded that when you reach your breaking point; when your determination is dwindling that is “when you just have to pull yourself together and find the strength to put your best foot forward and move ahead. That is ‘Andar Se Strong’ for me.”

Colgate is now ready to reveal the rest of Hina’s difficult yet indubitably inspirational story in an extended two and a half minute testimony:

P.S: Keep your tissues handy!


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