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Pakistan’s most loved fashion brand, Élan is soon to enthrall Karachi as it launches its first flagship store in the city this weekend. The brains behind Élan, Khadijah Shah, will be bringing her exclusive wedding wear, luxury pret as well as ready to wear in the form of Élan Vital and Élan Essentials to the people she says have always appreciated her label.

Something Hautegot in touch with the designer for details. Khadijah is opening a flagship store with Sherezad Rahimtoola, who she has always collaborated with for jewellery, and the talented Yousuf Shahbaz, who designs interiors and spaces with the same high end panache.


Khadijah Shah and Sherezad at an Elan show in Berlin


“Élan Maison is a location that will be home to three independent studios: Élan, Strata Spaces and Sherezad,” Khadijah explained. “All three are independent businesses coming together under one roof to create a beautifully curated museum showcasing the best in fashion jewellery and furniture. It was our vision to create an aspirational as well an inspirational retail destination.”

“We are very excited to be launching in Karachi,” she continued. “Élan already generates good business in the city. It was time to open our studio in order to cater to the existing clients and provide them the convenience of being accessible. We’ve also had constant requests from people who find it more difficult to access our collections because of the geographic distance. We plan on running a fully equipped studio with our trained staff members and I’ll be there in Karachi quite frequently as well.”

We also got in touch with Sherezad Rahimtoola regarding her venture with Khadija Shah and as to why she has chosen to work with the brand over the years.

“Khadijah Shah and I are very old friends with close family ties, also we share the same design sense and have always worked together,” she said. “At times I have custom made jewellery to work synonymously with her collections.”


Khadijah Shah with Yousaf Shahbaz, who has designed most of Elan’s interiors through the years.


She further added, “We have great synergy, hence we felt it was time that we collaborate and set up a ‘one of a kind’ studio in Karachi. We have a brilliant third partner, Yousaf who is bringing his brand Strata making it a truly lifestyle experience.”