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The latest development in the trials of COVID-19​ vaccines provide families with some hope that everyday life, including school, can get back to normal. However, until everyone is vaccinated, the fear still lingers and it’s crucial to take all possible safety and security measures.

Schools and colleges have been closed and students have been made to study in isolation through digital mediums that has had a negative impact on the overall system. It is a fact that vaccines will not be feasible for most students this academic year. However, the good news is that schools are aiming for strict measures that fit well with the COVID-19 public health guidelines.

A heart touching video released by Domex displayed how important it is for children to be physically able to attend school for their mental, emotional and physical growth. Now only did the video highlight the importance of schools for the current generation, but it also made adults emotional and miss their school life.



Domex is Unilever Pakistan’s leading toilet and surface disinfection brand that has recently teamed up with the government to make back-to-school safety their priority. Using a public toilet could become a more serious health risk in the era of COVID-19 and there’s obviously no way that a toilet can be avoided during long school hours. So, the idea behind the collaboration is to disinfect toilet seats and high touch surfaces such as benches, swings, windows, desks, staircase handles, and door knobs in schools.

This private-public collaboration has now revealed a solution that gives reassurance to all, especially parents as the brand claims to disinfect the premises providing a safe environment for students.

After watching this powerful video, parents are convinced to take the next big step as team Domex is on a mission to disinfect schools and educate the school administration about the importance of clean and disinfected high touch areas.

The video and the efforts by Domex and the government were recognized by many who took to social media to express their satisfaction.




The video quickly made it to national television, where news anchors highly praised the initiative taken by Domex.



It is indeed a great initiative taken by the government of Pakistan and Domex to keep our children safe and provide parents with mental peace during these crucial times.

This timely action assures that our children will reap the benefits of “Mehfooz Schools, Befikar Bachpan”. The training process would begin from Sindh and will soon spread all over Pakistan.