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Deepak Perwani is not an ordinary man and his extraordinary career of twenty-four years can vouch for it. Anyone who’s anyone can admit to the fact that the designer has left a lasting impression in his momentous feats. Past Sunday night was once again such a moment of achievement – or rather, a celebration of all his glittering instances as his ‘Madhaniyan’ played to the beat of his own drum.

Marking the grand finale of the FPW Winter/Festive, the showcase was held at Ronak Lakhani’s beautiful mansion, which served as the perfect milieu for what was about to commence. Decadent and grandiose, the night screamed indulgence, as the marble-styled runway under the glistening crystal chandeliers took one on the journey of Madhaniyan – which quickly became more than just a collection and rather a night of opulence and razzmatazz.

In those moments, it would be fair to say that Deepak Perwani held court.


Traditional embellishments took over the designer’s second segment.

The show’s concept – which looked at the journey of girlhood to her nuptial bliss, commenced with soothing, gentle tunes mixed with a dramatic shadow dance that built up our anticipation from the second it started. This would be a good time to appreciate the show director, Nubain Ali for his impeccable choreography that only elevated the show further.

The designer’s show was divided between two segments – the modern and contemporary first segment, which showcased pieces that consisted of cocktail dresses, drapes and kaftans, and a second segment, which had more classical wedding wear, the grandeur bridals and of course, Deepak’s signature luxury formals.

In his first segment, anyone familiar with Deepak’s work could tell that this is what he has his mastery in, and clearly, he did justice to contemporary couture. With a colour palette of golds and silvers, the pieces had the signature construction in opulent textiles like silk and while it did lack in innovative silhouette, the stitching and overall architecture was perfect to show off Deepak’s finesse. This was also our favourite segment of the night probably because of its overindulgence in wedding attire, which we sincerely hope we get to see more of in the future. The segment also featured Sarwat Gillani as the showstopper, who’s one of the many close friends of Deepak Perwani.



Mehwish Hayat was one of the showstoppers of the night.

The second segment started to the beat of acoustic Punjabi folk music echoing throughout the mansion, as out walked models clad in colourful lehengas that featured intricate hand embroideries, sequins, and embellishments to gorgeously draped dupattas and the use of peplum tops and rich brocades. The show most definitely had something for everyone. It featured bright colour combinations that will surely make his clientele stand out with the earthy pastels, golds, and silvers that flickered like jewels.

The segment also featured little Khizer, who acted as the flower boy to the showstopper Mehwish Hayat that instantly stole the spotlight with his grumpy expression. It was adorable and an instant hit with the audience.

With the night concluding to the designer taking a bow with his models and team, the guests were escorted to the Discover lounge sections where excellent desserts were served by Coco 9. Surely, it was a night the glitterati would remember as a celebration of Deepak’s repertoire over the years.