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The new Lux ad, featuring Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane and Maya Ali and directed by Asim Raza, was revealed this evening and while we asked Mahira and Mawra all sorts of relevant and irrelevant questions, here’s one fun number that Mahira enjoyed responding to.

What does the colour red stand for, we asked her, as she’s wearing red in coordination with her Lux variant.

“Today it stands for Lux,” she laughed, “but you should ask me what red stands for otherwise..”

Well, what does it stand for otherwise, we asked.

“It’s the Sufi colour. Red is the classic Sufi colour,” she replied. And we couldn’t resist adding, “Hey, but there’s a fabulous red you’re wearing in Raees. Red is also very ‘Zaalima‘, no?”

“Yes, yes,” she blushed and laughed as she answered. “Red is very ‘Zaalima‘ too.”

Watch the video here: