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After winning couture-made hearts for decades, Calvin Klein Inc. has just opened a brand new headquarters in Paris, France, in a strategic move to extend the fashion brand’s global reach.

Reportedly, the new location will work as the mainstay for the brand in Europe, despite the label’s pre-established presence in Milan.

Calvin Klein

Designed by artist Sterling Ruby with architectural contributions from the Architecture Research Office, the creative space will be used exclusively to present Creative Director Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein women’s and men’s seasonal runway collections in Paris.

The two-story Paris redesign features original 1880’s architecture, providing a backdrop for Sterling Ruby’s hand-painted, splattered canvas designs, which cover the floor-to-ceiling walls and columns of the mezzanine level.


Calvin Klein


The new HQ presents a multi-level fashion-focused work of art in the shape of its rich royal blue carpet and upholstered walls, which are adorned by modern geometric display tables and custom-created fixtures that sprinkle brightly coloured bits and pieces throughout the work display areas.


Calvin Klein

Now, isn’t this a total avant-garde beaut?