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Armeena Rana Khan has been in the news for quite some time, previously for her work in Bin Roye, Janaan and Yalghaar (amongst other films and TV serials) and most recently for her engagement to the dashing Fesl Khan. Armeena shared news of her engagement via an Instagram post, where Fesl is seen proposing in Cuba where they were both vacationing. The Janaan star called it paradise and we believe she has every reason to be happy, right? Fesl is her Mr Right; he’s the same guy she dedicated her 500th post to last month!



Yesterday, Fesl too made his Instagram debut dedicating his first post to the love of his life.

But who exactly is this Fesl Khan? Where did he come from and what is so amazing about him that impressed someone as gorgeous, talented and independent as Armeena? We were curious to know so got in touch to find out.

Here is everything he had to say about himself, his relationship with Armeena, the rumours revolving around their relationship and much more.

“We have known each other for ages, since we are relatives,” Fesl spoke to Something Haute in a long distance conversation. “Our first meeting was when we were just kids. I remember her being a sore loser after losing to me in a game of chess. But we didn’t see each other for a few years except on the sole occasion I remember when I turned up to dinner at a restaurant hosted by her family, dressed in bright Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. I thought I looked cool. She thought something else and spent the entire evening ignoring me, or perhaps it was memories of that chess game,” Fesl shared when we asked him how he met Armeena.

Adding further he said, “When she moved to the UK for her studies is when we became closer. I supported her in her career and she has been a critical advisor for my career and life. It was on and off, hot and cold, will she, won’t she? But here we are. I hope her fans will be kind enough to let me share her affections.”

In reference to the couple’s old pictures circulating over social media, Fesl said, “I am new to the Pakistani culture and mentality. I am aware that there is a penchant amongst a small but significant minority for conspiracy theories, denigrating others and outright cynicism. Armeena has told me all about it. But we have known each other for longer than 10 years. I hope we will be together for many lifetimes. ”

Fesl added that he had witnessed the heartache, sacrifice and resilience behind Armeena’s growth more than anyone else and was inspired by her achievements. As far as working after marriage is concerned he believes marriage shouldn’t affect a woman’s ability or capacity to work. However, he hopes the wedding takes place real soon!

We were curious and couldn’t hold ourselves from asking him why he spelt his name so differently. Why Fesl and why not just ‘Faisal’?

Expecting this question already, he laughed and replied, “I spell my name phonetically as FESL. This is because when I grew up in the west people keep mispronouncing my name. Some people decide to shorten their names to Shaz, Waz etc. Others adopt Anglicised names such as Steve. I decided to teach everyone to say my name correctly by making the spelling easier and correct them until they say it properly. Pakistani names are beautiful and if I can try to pronounce someone’s name correctly then it is the least they can do.”

Apart from Fesl’s personal life, we were interested in knowing his views about Pakistan as a country since he’s a British politician in the making and an activist.

Fesl had a very positive image of Pakistan, its people and its history. However, he added, “I will, of course, learn more as I go along with my new found friends but I hope one day that Pakistan will achieve true independence and freedom as promised by its founders. Pakistani people are a genius people and they deserve it.”

We couldn’t be happier for Armeena, knowing what a good couple they make and how deeply in love they are. Here’s wishing them many lifetimes of happiness!