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After impressing with hits like ‘Chan Kithan’, ‘Ranjish Hi Sahe’, and of course everyone’s favourite ‘Tinak Dhin’, Harvard graduate Ali Sethi is set to collaborate with Grammy-winning record producer Noah Georgeson for his next project.

An MFA in classical music and winner of three Grammies, Georgeson has produced and mixed records for major indie acts like The Strokes and Charlotte Gainsbourg. He has also created the title track for the popular Netflix TV show Narcos. While details of the upcoming project are being kept under wraps, we do know that it will consist of more than one album, and will involve input from Harvard’s well-known Islamic scholar Ali Asani. Which probably means we can expect Sethi’s classic Sufi approach to music, mixed with Georgeson’s contemporary style.



Noah Georgeson

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“I hope my work with Noah will tell the stories of who we are as people,” Ali told Something Haute. “I’m very much aware of my strange and singular journey in music, and I want to describe that. I also want the work to reflect my diverse heritage: all the languages I speak, the cities I have known and loved, my peculiar personal anguish over the state of my country, my family, my heart.”

“I feel we live in a world that needs dialogue across borders of every kind,” Ali opined when asked about the importance of cross-border collaborations and art without borders.

Knowing Ali and his explorative sense of being, we can only expect more great things from him, hence making this project something to look out for!