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Ahsan Khan is a prominently visible figurehead who walks the talk and takes out time to bring the change we all want to see in our society. The Chupan Chupai star has previously been actively associated with different charitable social causes such as women empowerment, right to education for underprivileged children, and rehabilitation of sexual abuse survivors to name a few. He firmly believes in giving back to the society and doesn’t shy away from getting into the field to promote these drives.

Recently, he was seen having a good time with the pupils of two such institutes that help the underprivileged and differently-abled. Ahsan wants to create awareness about these projects and frequently visits them to have a firsthand experience with reality. One of these is the Garage School in Neelum Colony, Karachi which is being run by Shabina Mustafa for many years. The school aims to provide free quality education and vocational training to the children residing in the vicinity. Started as a small set up, the school now caters to nearly 350 children. “The place provides free books and guidance about basic morals, house chores and hygiene to these children. It’s basically like a life coach and training program for these neglected kids,” Ahsan explains adding, “These children are very bright and I try my best to visit the place often and provide help whichever way necessary.”



The actor is an advocate of the idea that everything you do is going to have an outcome further down the road. He keenly visits The Institute of Behavioral Psychology, located in DHA/Karachi for the same reason. Shama Jivanjee is the principal heading the establishment. “It’s an educational institute that provides psychological, therapeutic, and remedial services for slow learners. It has a day care kind of system where special children are given speech and other kinds of therapies,” Ahsan states.

“I suppose love and compassion are necessities; humanity cannot survive without them,” says Ahsan Khan while talking about the initiative.

On this kind note, we wish more power to Ahsan Khan!