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After soaring to great heights with a hit performance in Yakeen ka Safar, Ahad Raza Mir has been lying low these days. Fifi Haroon however, managed to catch him for an interview with BBC Urdu recently.

After speaking of Ahad’s life in Canada – to the delight of all his female fans – he was asked the difference between girls in Canada and Pakistan, and who he likes more.

Being the charmer that he is, Ahad suavely replied that while all girls are nice and beautiful, “The biggest difference is that Pakistani girls have a grace and softness that I have not come across in any girl there (Canada). The respectful demeanour Pakistani girls have, you don’t find that anywhere else.”

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Does he also see this grace and softness in Sajal Aly, Fifi asked.

“Absolutely. Sajal has a lot of grace and charm,” Ahad confirmed.

Perhaps the highlight of the interview was Fifi’s query on how actors deal with being so closely associated with a character, as Ahad has officially been termed as Dr. Asfandyar now.

“I obviously do feel scared. Yakeen ka Safar has been such a big hit, and for someone like me who has just started out, I have to break that mould as I move forward,” Ahad said. “I don’t want people to recognize me as Ahad Raza Mir, they should know who the characters are, not me.”

Ahad is set to star in upcoming period play Aangan, as well as the long-awaited film Parwaaz Hay Junoon.