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With so many lipsticks on the market, it’s become close to impossible to figure out what’s actually worth the investment. Before you know it, you have a rainbow of lipstick swatches on your hand, and no clue what to actually buy. So, before you go on your next shopping spree, check out our personal favourite colours from MAC. From nudes to reds, we’ve covered all bases!

Flat out Fabulous



Flat out Fabulous delivers on its promise of making you feel fabulous! With the perfect texture, and a memorable shade of magenta, this Mac shade is a perfect statement lipstick for a night out.





Mehr is perhaps the best of nudes Mac has to offer. No wonder this went from being limited edition to a regular! With a creamy texture and a matte finish, Mehr can be worn on a daily basis to complement your ‘No-Makeup’ look.


Men love Mystery



Men Love Mystery is a unique shade which falls somewhere between Heroine and Flat out Fabulous. It’s for those of you who aren’t brave enough to try Heroine yet, but still want your lip colour to pop.


Russian Red


After trying several Mac reds, which were all too drying for my lips, I found Russian Red. Without the orange hue (which doesn’t suit brown skin tones), Russian Red is the perfect red, which is creamy in texture, and stays on throughout the night.





Only for the bravest of souls, Heroine is a great statement lipstick to have. Be careful with what you pair it with though, as wearing this deep purple with a black outfit, will give off major goth vibes.



This deep brown is perfect for the days you want to sport dark lips, that aren’t the usual pink or red.




Diva is a deep red, which can add elegance when matched with the right outfit. Its texture is a little dry however, so it’s important to moisturise and prime your lips first.


Relentlessly Red


Though drying, Relentlessly Red is a great shade to blend with others. It adds brightness to any lip colour you blend it with. For the days you have to go to a nice dinner after work, Relentlessly Red is a great colour to have on standby to brighten your nude lip.

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Featured image courtesy Nabilas