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The recently-held Masala Awards were all about the camaraderie between Bollywood and Pakistani celebs, and what a spectacle that was! Whether it was the stars mingling or the fact that celebs on both sides of the border hold a special respect for each other, it was a night of special moments.

Out of all that happened, here are 5 of our favourite moments…


Meera, The Networking Master




Meera, the most senior representative of Lollywood that night looked gorgeous. We would say better than most of her LSA outings. Though she seemed a little uncomfortable (read conscious) around the fresher lot and felt a bit side-lined albeit unnecessarily (as she was allotted Table no 3). However, she took charge of the situation and introduced herself to Boney Kapoor and Raza Beig (the CEO of Splash) and one of the key sponsors of the event. Raza invited her to his table where he was chatting away with other Indian stars including Manish Malhotra. The selfie session started and in the next ten minutes, We saw Meera walking up on stage with Raza Beig to present the award to Arjun Rampal for his contribution to Indian cinema. She also had a quick chat with Sridevi in the media room. Now that’s a Go-Getter!


Arjun’s Pakistani Connection




Arjun, while acknowledging the efforts of Masala Awards for bringing the Indian and Pakistani talent together said on stage in his acceptance speech, “I have made many Pakistani friends in Dubai and they are like my family now. Thanks to the platforms like these which are clear from any political agendas and whose sole agenda is to promote the talent of the two countries. It is a big task and Masala is doing it in the best possible way.” He also told us that “my team forgot to give me my jacket so I have just come to the show without one and I feel a little underdressed.” For Arjun Rampal, we would like to stick to ‘less is more’ funda!


Boney Kapoor remembers Sajal Aly and Adnan Siddiqui




With most of the Pakistani stars in presence, we spoke to Boney Kapoor and asked whether he was missing Sajal and Adnan whom he had cast in his last film Mom with Sridevi. He said, “All I can say about them is that they were thorough professionals and I missed them both throughout the promotional tours and even till now.”


Govinda sends his wishes for Umar Sharif




If there is one performance that swept the crowd off their feet, it has to be Govinda. He came, he danced and he left all of us asking for more. At the red carpet, Govinda interacted with us and sent his best wishes for his idol, Umar Sharif whom he said: “I learned a lot from him and I won’t call myself his fan, but I am beyond his fan.”


Mahira’s ‘Hawa Hawai’ moment

One can never stop being in awe of Mahira Khan and she’ll make sure that remains the case. At the Masala Awards, it was her excitement for Sridevi and Govinda which resonated with anyone who has grown up watching them. The actress stated how she is a huge fan of both the actors and how just a few days back she was dancing to Sridevi’s iconic song ‘Hawa Hawai’.

Pictures by Zuhair Javaid