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In a world where celebrities have the ability to stop press with one movement, there are those who are above PR mechanisms and OTT statements. Truly in their simplicity, the magic unravels. One such example of this is our very own Mahira Khan. While we all still remember her from her VJ days, with her long messy hair, a stack of silver churiyan, chunky jewelry and free-spirited nature, it was her down to earth attitude that won our hearts. Bol, Humsafar and Raees may have been some of the big projects that have put her on the map, but there are things about Mahira we have loved even before she became the star she is today. Every time we meet or see her it’s difficult to not gush over her, for so many reasons!


Her fashion sense



Mahira has a casual yet chic fashion sense that suits her persona perfectly. Usually dressed in white, the actress tends to opt for the minimal makeup look and it just highlights her natural beauty so much more.

Mahira and her family ties



We love how much importance Mahira gives to her family. Her pictures with Azlan make our day and the fact that she was accompanied by her father at the Lux Style Awards last year, was adorable! Even when we meet her for an interview, she is constantly in touch with her parents and son and always has some fun anecdote to share about them.

Her friendly attitude

One of the very few, if not only, stars who doesn’t have that diva attitude going. Mahira has become the biggest star in Pakistan, from TV to films, but she is the most down-to-earth and fuss-free person. She meets her fans with a smile always, doesn’t expect to be treated like a queen and is friendly with everyone. Mahira is everyone’s well-wisher and deserves the same respect and love!

That ‘Zaalima’ touch



You have to agree,’ Zaalima’ wouldn’t be this zaalim if it weren’t for Mahira Khan! Her coy looks, radiant smile and romantic chemistry with SRK has made us watch the song on repeat over and over.

When Mahira gets emotional


mahira khan


How can anyone forget “Mummy aap kya keh rahe hain?!” We didn’t think anyone could look this beautiful when crying, until Mahira came into the picture; she did emerge as queen of emotion, which is why she was even made to cry in her recent Lux TVC, that’s how good of an actress she is.