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‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ may have been true once upon a time, but in today’s day and age, we all know that beauty is nowhere but in our vanity bags, in the shape of a plethora of products we tend to use. It’s all about the uber-glam looks we show off and nothing changes that. However, while we have always associated ‘beauty’ with women and what they ‘use’ to achieve perfection, what if the same was asked from the men in our industry?

What exactly would they carry if they had a ‘beauty bag’? We asked some interesting people this question…


Khalid Malik


Ever-popular RJ, Khalid Malik, is fascinated by lip-care.

“I would always carry Strawberry chapstick. I need my lips looking soft and tasty. Ok, that came out wrong,” he told Something Haute. “My 2nd best option would be that thing that makes your lips look bigger… what’s that called?” A lip plumper?  “Yes, yes.”


 Vasay Chaudhry


Acclaimed actor-director, Vasay Chaudhry’s reflected on the ‘age of filters.’

“I would like to carry my credit card in my beauty bag so I can buy all those apps with filters which will make me look completely different on social media than what I look like in reality,” he revealed.


Ali Gul Pir


Popular stand-up comedian, Ali Gul Pir invented products that he would be carrying!

“I would keep ‘confidence cream’ in my beauty bag. When you apply the cream, you become confident because I believe a lot of people lack confidence in Pakistan and generally in the world and we need to enhance it,” he said.

Ali also intends to use ‘anti-insecurity lotion’ if his cream hits the pan.

“As a lot of people are insecure about their skin colour and the way they look after applying this lotion, they will not feel insecure anymore.”

Some of us would like to have a bottle each, please!


Mohib Mirza


It seems that actor-theatre director, Mohib Mirza would prefer hardware tools over beauty products (we are not complaining).

“I would carry pliers for a little nip and tuck and sandpaper for a smooth even-complexion. And if I don’t have these then I would use a plunger. You know, for an instant and perfect ‘facelift’.”


 Dino Ali


Ever wondered how acclaimed TV host, Dino Ali has well put hair all the time? Here’s how.

“I always carry my hair product with me – Hanz De Fuko Quicksand – which is extremely easy to use on the go. Unfortunately, I always forget my products at shoots so, if I run out the product, paani lagaa ke kanghi zindabad.


Any male celebrities you wanted to see in the list? Let us know in the comments below!