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With controversies and a lukewarm response at the box office outlining the year for Mahira Khan, 2017 wasn’t exactly the best time for the superstar. However, knowing her buoyant attitude and her thirst for life, the actress has remained undeterred!

But did she always want to be an actress? And what really made her take up Maula Jatt? Here are 5 revelations Mahira made to Samina Peerzada with her recent appearance on Rewind…


Mahira found acting inspiration in Bollywood


Mahira Khan


We can’t say this enough, but once a superstar always a superstar and Mahira proves it! According to the actress, she always wanted to be on the big screen. Her inspiration? Ram Lakhan, of course!

“Truthfully, I watched Ram Lakhan,” Mahira revealed when asked what inspired her to become an actress. “It wasn’t a family that watched films; there were bankers, businessmen, doctors in the family, so to even think of going in this field was to question if it’s possible. But, everybody knew, ‘yeh [Mahira] business terha hai.'”


Mahira’s academic life took a contrasting turn!


mahira khan

 While the world was introduced to Mahira Khan as the girl-next-door, Humsafar’s Khirad, there was a high chance this face wouldn’t have even been seen on TV! According to the actress, she originally decided to pursue her studies in chemical engineering in the USA!

“I originally went to study chemical engineering. I always loved sciences and math. However, when I went to college, I realized this wasn’t my cup of tea, and I switched majors to psychology!” Mahira said.


Mahira didn’t want to be a VJ!

Mahira Khan


It was purely a stroke of luck for the Pakistani film industry that Mahira Khan came into the local scene. Otherwise, there was a high chance that the VJ-turned-actress would have never a part of the successes as we know them today if it wasn’t some mentors pushing her to do more!

“I, by chance started VJ’ing, because Ghazanfar Sahab saw me at MTV. I told him I want to be an actor, not a VJ! He said that’ll also happen. He said, ‘My child, you’re gonna be a star, not an actor,” Mahira told Samina.


Mahira didn’t want to do Maula Jatt


Mahira Khan 

Before anyone thinks otherwise, yes, she still is an integral part of the upcoming film. However, there was a time when Mahira’s linguistics in Punjabi, or lack thereof, almost made her say no to the film!

“I think I told Billy [Bilal Lashari] five times that I didn’t want to do this. I said, take someone else, please. I said this because I was wondering how will I speak Punjabi?” She revealed.

2017 was Mahira’s first bout with controversy!


 Mahira Khan


If anything, this year became Mahira’s most drama-filled in the industry. Whether it was Raees being banned in Pakistan or her photos with Ranbir Kapoor going unnecessarily viral, the diva persevered through it all!

“It was my first bout with controversy. I never knew something like this could happen. Before this, all the things were film related, this time, it was personal,” Mahira said. “It makes you understand you’re vulnerable, and that vulnerability is someone’s money for the day!”