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The ad opens with an aerial view of the majestic Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, suggesting how the city looks integrated from afar; it’s only when the camera zooms in that we see the disparity everywhere. It’s the difference between the privileged and the underprivileged, between those that are seen as ‘normal’ and those that stand out as unique in their biological differences. And the narration pledges that mankind needs to be seen as one, it appeals for the need for equality in humanity.
With this sensitive and poignant ad, Samsung redefines corporate citizenship in Pakistan. It anthropomorphizes the smart phone, suggesting that the phone’s eye – its camera – cannot tell the difference between people. Samsung carves an all-new ideology that allows people to view everyone in the same light and the way it has been portrayed really touches the heart.

“From a distance, we all look the same but look closer and you see the chaos of disparity. Why this disproportion,” the narrator asks. “Are these all not human?”

The beauty is in the execution and Samsung taps into the spirit of Ramazan most sensitively and tastefully. The campaign highlights basic issues that are prevalent in the country and takes an initiative to help the underprivileged and give them a reason to celebrate just like the rest of us.

#DekhoMeriNazarSe aims to break free the divide, biases and prejudices plaguing our mind-sets. It encourages us to make this world a better place for the less fortunate by treating them with respect and equality, which seems to be dead in our society.
This campaign is actually one of the most touching campaigns we have seen this Ramazan, as it focuses on society and appeals to people on a human level. Therefore, it’s no wonder that what started as a simple pledge has taken over social media. One can only hope that the cause and purpose it advocates will trend just as effectively.

Watch the full ad below: