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The blessed month of Ramazan just started so we decided to do something a bit more productive instead of obsessing over its spelling.

So, we got in touch with some popular Pakistani celebrities and asked them something simple yet meaningful. Isn’t that what the month is all about? We wanted to know what their good deed of choice would be this month and here’s what they said:


1. Zebunissa Bangash



“To be grateful – truly grateful. It’s easy to focus on the negatives and lose sight of what one has; that’s why I want to centre my thoughts on feeling a sense of gratitude for everything in my life.”


2. Farhan Saeed



“I feel the greatest Ramazan blessing is how it brings you so close to your own self, and that’s why I choose to learn from my previous year, and become my best version for the next one.”


3. Urwa Hocane



“Ramadan with all its auspices provides us with the perfect opportunity to do some good for ourselves and the community. This blessed month, I intend to ask for forgiveness and to forgive others. It may be difficult, but the reward is immense. Moreover, it will take so much off my shoulders.”


4. Ayesha Omar



“To be completely honest,  practice patience and help my domestic staff and other less privileged ones, financially, as much as I can afford.”


5. Juggan Kazim




“Ramzan is a blessed month for all Muslims, good habits developed now shall be carried forward later in the year. Thus, like every year, my good deed of choice is to feed people. Food, clothing and shelter are very basic human needs, regardless, they are at a dearth in Pakistan. Therefore, I try to feed people every opportunity I get; which extends from monetary support to sharing meals. This Ramazan we must draft measures to feed the less privileged. From setting up a table outside our homes to planting a cold water cooler, these little acts of kindness entail great rewards.”


6. Iqra Aziz



“This year my Ramadan is going to be pretty busy as I have a few projects for which I will be shooting back and forth. Keeping this in mind, when I get iftar made for myself at home, I especifically keep my team in mind and get their iftar prepared also. This month is all about sharing blessings and helping each other, so I aim to take care of my whole team including spotboys and extras by providing them with iftari and any necessary help that they shall require.”

What will your good deed of choice be this month?