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In an industry where celebs hide behind PR machinery for statements, Mahira Khan always stands out as one of the few stars that don’t shy away from saying what she believes is right and should be said. Thus, when the Ranbir Kapoor controversy was mentioned once again on Geo Pakistan, the actress gave a befitting reply.

“You know, we’re part of entertainment, unfortunately, we’re also used for entertainment,” Mahira said. “I didn’t realize who I am for the country. I felt people loved me so much, that if they did feel upset with me, then their reactions are justified.”

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The actress wasn’t however, keen on the amount of trolling and hate she received via social media after the photos leaked.

“Trust me, it’s the hardest thing to deal with it,” the actress talked about coping with the hate. “If it’s someone who comes in front of me, then it’s still someone I can speak to. However, when it’s a faceless entity and it’s their five seconds of fame, they act like keyboard terrorists or keyboard journalists – whatever you want to call them – and they curse everyone from your family to your child. So, it does affect!”

Mahira was on the show along with Haroon Shahid to promote her upcoming film, Verna.