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After reigning social media with her posts and taking television by storm with Sammi, Mawra Hocane has once again surprised everyone. However, this time it’s not because of her acting or her quirky attitude but her education and this is something to be truly proud of!

Results for Mawra’s Law program are out and she has received a special commendation from The Institute of Legal Studies for scoring 3 merits in her 2nd year, which as most of us would know, isn’t the easiest thing to do.

“It definitely gives me a sense of achievement because the process of working hard and getting excellent results immediately gives you a lot of validation,” Mawra spoke to Something Haute this morning.

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For any one juggling gruelling work and education, just passing is usually good enough. However, for the actress who was working on Sammi and the LUX campaign while studying for her exams, she says she wants to do even better than this year.

“I am left with one set of exams and I am aiming for a First class degree so there’s still a lot of studying to go till I can see my career shape up,” Mawra said. “However, for me, it’s not about the career; it’s more about acquiring the knowledge and achieving excellence in whatever field I step into and I’ll never stop doing that,” she added.

Mawra, who has relatively taken work slowly after Sammi to focus on her education also received a distinction in her first year by scoring the highest marks in South Asia with a high distinction in Contract Law.

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Interestingly though, the actress wasn’t meant to appear in the last exam this year since she had to fly out for the LUX TVC shoot and wasn’t prepared. However, Mawra eventually did give that exam and scored the highest in that one!

Now, with her education front all sorted out for this year, it seems that Mawra can finally breathe a sigh of relief until her next exams come up! For now, though, we’re sure Mawra must be celebrating her accolades than worrying about anything else.